Selling your yacht?

Our specialty…

…is polyester. We therefore prefer to trade this type of yacht, but it is of course possible that you would like trade your steel yacht for a polyester yacht. After all, polyester has countless advantages in comparison to steel – and no disadvantages. We have great knowledge of the international market; we know the perfect route to every type of yacht.

Our unique approach

When you would like to sell your yacht via GrandYachts, we would first like to thoroughly assess your yacht. Thanks to our knowledge and fresh approach, we can mostly give you deliberate recommendations to increase the salability of your yacht. You could miss some minor details, but a buyer won’t! Furthermore, we make clear agreements about our costs for the selling brokerage. GrandYachts does not work with the standard 8% commission principle. Our experience is that this way of working quickly leads to imbalance.

Active approach

When the brokerage order is established, we will put all the relevant data in a special database. Subsequently, your yacht will be presented on designated websites all over the world. In this way, you are ensured that interested parties at home and abroad will find your yacht. Potential buyers can find extensive documentation on our own website. Furthermore, we have a system with data, of buyers looking for a yacht, at our disposal. As soon as there is a positive match, we will actively offer your yacht to the potential buyer.

The sales marina

GrandYachts has a beautiful sales marina with all facilities at its disposal. This is where your yacht will find berth. Our cleaning team will keep your yacht in pristine condition and constantly connected to a shore power outlet. In this way, viewings are always possible. Moreover, our maintenance team can conduct possible reparations and make your yacht ready for the winter. If desired, we can of course sell your yacht from your own berth as well.